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Lombok pearl brooch tied with Gold

paket wisata lombok This article will show examples of Lombok pearl handicraft (handicraft) shaped brooch (brooch). This pearl brooch can be combined with a binder metal Rhodium for example, or a stainless steel or combined with fabric. safely enjoy the creations of our craftsmen pearl pearl chili. 1. Lombok pearl brooch tied with Gold Lombok pearl brooch Miss Joaquim Pearls can make pearl brooch in gold metal belt by like this. Add Pin BB 3227CF53 2. Lombok pearl brooch with SILVER (silver)- tour lombok Pearl brooch very beautiful when combined with metallic silver, will kerlihatan class, in the photo below shows the shell pearl brooch with silver fastener (silver) Lombok pearl brooch pearl brooch with silver fastener its beautiful design - add bb pin 3227CF53 3. Lombok pearl brooch with Rhodium metal - paket wisata lombok Lombok pearl brooch 4. freshwater pearl brooch with a combination of cloth - paket tour lombok Creative arts can also be applied to the brooch of pearls and fabric. Lombok pearl brooch pearl brooch with a combination of fabrics Visit Miss Joaquim Pearls for viewing and purchase at the price of chili pearl collection tejangkau. lombok tour

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Lombok and pearl jewelry

paket wisata lombok Lombok and pearl jewelry can not be separated. In addition to typical pottery Banyu Mulek, pearls into a unique souvenir of this island. Almost in all the corners of attractions in this city, always found hawkers peddling a variety of jewelry studded with pearls. Ranging from necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets to brooches can be obtained here. tour lombok It feels, sorry if the return of Lombok does not carry a pearl. However, if you want to buy should be good at choosing and bargain prices. Because many jewelry offered was fake pearls. If we see by naked eye, it would be very difficult to distinguish where a fake pearl and what is truly original. paket wisata lombok To be more sure, we are advised to buy in boutiques such as Miss Joaquim Pearls pearl which is specialized in selling a variety of souvenirs typical of Lombok. Because all items purchased at Miss Joaquim Pearls can be accounted for authenticity by the seller. The Lombok there are several types of pearls, the pearl of the sea, brackish water, natural and artificial pearls. The price of a pearl sea, could reach Rp 2 million - Rp 2.5 million. But for brackish water pearls are much cheaper, which is only tens of thousands of dollars only. "Buying pearls in price can indeed adrift hawkers to 50 percent, but in order not to be disappointed, we have to know the type of pearl that is here," said the tour guide, Nyoman Nuarta. paket tour lombok Pearl on the island is not only white, through engineering culture conducted by experts from Japan, now becomes colorful. In addition to cultured pearls in the pearl of the sea, brackish, and natural pearls, there is also the artificial pearls from seashells. mutiara lombok The price of the most expensive natural sea pearls, followed by sea water cultured pearls and brackish water, and the cheapest is commonly sold hawkers, namely artificial pearl shell. But make no mistake, there is also a plastic pearls. However, Nuarta said, does not mean that pearls are sold hawkers are not entirely good. For not a few who they are peddling is a good kind of pearls at bargain prices. Only, to be very clever to choose and bargain prices. "So once again, for buying pearls here is a lot of choice, we must be observant and good at bargain prices." Indonesia is a major producer of pearl sea. harga mutiara sea ​​pearl jewelry. Indonesia is a producer of South Sea Pearl or south sea pearls in the world with 43% of the world's supply. Trade value between Indonesia ranks ninth world with an export value of US $ 29.4 million or 2.07% of the total export value of pearls in the world, which reached US $ 1.4 billion. Indonesia's trade value is still below Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia, Tahiti, USA, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. harga mutiaraWhile the Indonesian pearl export destinations are Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, India, New Zealand and France. Thus is explained the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Sharif C. Sutardjo, at the Pre Launching Indonesian program South Sea Pearls Book, in Nusa Dua, Bali, Saturday (7/9). paket wisata lombok Sharif asserted, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) optimistic to increase exports of pearls, considering that Indonesia has and master supporting factors, such as the area of ​​cultivation, labor, equipment and technological support. "To protect pearl producer Indonesia, the CTF has issued Ministerial Decree No. KP 8 of 2013 on the Pearl Quality Control Log into the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia, "he explained. Indonesia is the pearl South Sea Pearl (SSP) derived from shells Pinctada maxima either natural or cultured. lombok tour Pinctada maxima development centers in Indonesia in several areas, namely Lampung, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Gorontalo, Maluku, North Maluku and West Papua. "Indonesia has a unique SSP, such as color and dazzling sparkle and timeless of all time, so it is very popular in the international market, and are usually traded in the form of loose and jewelery," said Sharif. mutiara lombok Pearl, said Sharif is one of the leading commodity of marine and fisheries sector with high economic value and have the prospect of business development. Noted, of the increase in demand for pearls and the price continued to increase from year to year. harga mutiara

How to distinguish between genuine and fake pearls

paket wisata lombok Many people may not know how to differentiate genuine pearls and fake pearls. The original pearls and fake pearls at first glance is very similar and there is almost no difference at all. However, if observed carefully, it will arise the differences that exist between the original pearls and fake pearls. Here are some ways to distinguish genuine pearls and fake pearls so that you can also find out about how to distinguish genuine pearls and fake pearls. To find out more details about the differences that exist between the original pearls and fake pearls, you can read some differences challenged sea water pearls, freshwater pearls and imitation pearls (fake) that are listed in the column below. tour lombok Manufacture: Pearl was cultivated at sea Shape: The shape of oblong, round, half rim and irregular Color: White, gold, yellow, black, Hitan grayish, black reddish, yellowish white and silver Weight: Large and heavy equal or appropriate Price: The price is determined by weight, color, and luster kaulitas color. Usually the price depends gram with variations in prices ranging from Rp. 80,000 and above. When burned: Hold Fuel If bitten: Feels sand but could not scratched Type Freshwater Pearl Jewelry - paket wisata lombok Manufacture: Pearl was cultivated in freshwater Shape: The shape Steamed Bun or half the circumference and oval Color: Colors: black, blue, pink, white, orange, green, red and yellow. Weight: Large and almost the same weight Price: The price is cheaper than sea water pearls. When burned: Burned but not melted When bitten Feels sand but not easily scratched Imitation Pearls Type - paket tour lombok Manufacture: Pearl was made in a factory Shape: The shape is identical to the round Color: Color same with freshwater pearls Weight: Large and heavy is not appropriate Price: The price is very cheap When burned: When burned to melt If bitten: Feels smooth and easy peeling Original source Mutiara high quality: pearl jewelry lautBeberapa above differences we write so that you can also understand more about pearls and so you are also more confident about the products of Miss Joaquim Pearls. May be useful for you. iya, is quoted from Metrotvnews.com, regarding the pearl chili, the following information: Be careful if you buy pearls. Lately, a lot of outstanding pearl imitation of China in the area of ​​Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).mutiara lombok harga mutiara "Usually, traders may not be admitted that sells fake pearls. They say the original. But in fact false. The price is a bargain, "said Hanafi, 40, a consumer, in Mataram, Tuesday (12/2). Daseh, 35, a pearl merchants in the area Mataram admitted obtaining imitation pearls of China from a wholesaler who he called the boss in the region. He chose the pearl of China because it is cheaper. The comparison, if the only genuine pearls she gets three seed, China's pearl he gets five seeds with the same capital. "I bought china then exchanged decorations just like the shape of flowers and forth with the original," said Daseh, Tuesday (12/2). Imron, 40, another trader, also admitted selling fake pearls from China. Imitation pearls are admitted starting to get into the area of ​​NTB since about five years. The price is much different from the original. For a faux pearl ring, he sold for 10,000. As for the pearls that he called the original, he sold for between Rp20,000-Rp40,000, depending on the type of pearl, freshwater or seawater. If the pearl of the sea, he sold more expensive. As for the freshwater pearls are cheaper. "Often buyers can not distinguish between genuine and imitation pearls. If the original was burned was not broken, but if the direct imitation damaged. Can also be distinguished by biting. If the original is not going to affect anything. However, if false, bite marks will be influential, "he said. harga mutiara Imron own pearl processing obtained from sea water and fresh water, and then he sold in shops and the overhang of existing hotels in NTB. Proceeds quite large. In fact he had attended the exhibition in Temanggung, Central Java, some time ago. Of the exhibition, he got results about Rp32 million. It guarantees original pearl although sold at a low price in a doorway. According to him, the pearl that he sold the same quality as the one in the big stores. He argued in big stores that are taxable, so the price is higher. In contrast to her that selling on the streets that are not taxable, so it can sell more cheaply. "But usually from the travel agency and travel prefer to take guests to visit a pearl shop big as it gets a bigger commission than bringing guests bought at merchants like us," he said. paket wisata lombok Sales Centre staff in the area of ​​Pearl Lipco Mataram, Heni Yustiarsi, say, the invasion of imitation pearls do not affect anything on the sale of original pearl because it was keeping quality. In addition to the different demand. It also always tell the consumer the difference between fake and genuine pearls by showing examples. pearl jewelry chili like these marine pearl jewelry original chili - Miss Joaquim Pearls lombok tour "I understand that there are many imitation pearl trade. If genuine pearls are not possible until very smooth because it is natural, so that the shape and smooth surface can not, heavier and if fell not disabled. While the fake pearls can be smooth, smooth, rounded and perfect but lighter, "he said. mutiara lombok According to Heni, it made the pearl jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. He requires 10-20 kg of sea water pearls and freshwater muiara 10-15 kg once purchased to stock a year. Genuine pearl jewelry sold at high prices and varied. The highest price that sea water pearl necklace which reached Rp100 million. While the usual cost between around Rp 8 million to Rp 9 million. harga mutiara

Lombok Pearl Jewelry Colored Gold (Gold)

paket wisata lombok Pearl Jewelry Lombok or South Sea pearls and white gold is one of the pearl jewelry products chili rarest and most sought after in the world today. Before you buy this chili pearl jewelry, it helps you know how to determine the grade pearl jewelry chili which we will discuss in the article Miss Joaquim Pearls this time. tour lombok Gold warm color, pearl gold-colored capsicum, is a pearl that absolutely natural, produced by a variety of oyster Pinctada maxima / gold lipped pearl oysters. The pearl oyster is grown mainly in Lombok Indonesia, there are also some in Australia and the Philippines, but pearls lomboklah the best. Due to the scarcity and high cost of overall production, some producers and craftsmen combine mutaira this chili with a wide variety of sparkling gems and precious stones grains. Miss Joaquim Pearls is proud to present the complete collection of pearl jewelery our chili. Lombok Pearl Jewelry White Color paket wisata lombok Pearl white chili has been dubbed the Queen of Gems. This pearl pearl is one kind of the biggest and most valuable pearls produced in the world. They grow mainly on the coast of the island of Lombok Indonesia, is derived from the pearl oyster Pinctada Maxima. This oysters can grow as large as a dinner plate, produce pearls with a satiny luster that is characteristic clear of pearl white chili. Due to the very high production costs of production, the Lombok pearl is the most expensive on the market today, and thus a pearl is only carried by relatively few craftsmen pearls around the world, and is proud to Miss Joaquim Pearl of chili is one of them. How to determine Grade Pearl Jewelry Lombok paket tour lombok We Miss Joaquim Pearls are very proud to offer you a choice of pearl necklace full routine, or strands of baroque pearls, earrings, pendants and rings. For luxury, consider strand necklace full of fine pearls, white pearls and gold jewels. To determine the grade of pearls chili you can see the chart below: determining grade pearl jewelry chili Grade determination Mutiara Lombok Description: Lombok pearl jewelry Top Class Gem pearl lombok Miss Joaquim Pearls Flawless Gem Class pearls with excellent luster Pearl showed no inclusions or imperfections prior arrangement or drilling AAA grade pearls - mutiara lombok Flawless on at least 90% of the surface of the pearl Only 10% of pearl's surface may exhibit slight, concentrated imperfections Only a single deep inclusion allowable Pearls should drill or set clean to clean almost Luster is very high to very good * Pearl jewelry class A / B AA + Flawless on at least 80% of the surface of the pearl Only 20% of pearl's surface may exhibit slight, concentrated imperfections Only one or two deep inclusions allowable Pearls should drill or set clean almost spotless High to very high luster * Pearl jewelry class B AA - harga mutiara Flawless on at least 70% of the surface of the pearl Only 30% of pearl's surface may exhibit slight, concentrated imperfections Only one or two deep inclusions allowable Pearls should drill or set nearly clean High to very high luster * Pearl jewelry class C A + Flawless on at least 40% of the surface of the pearl Up to 60% of the pearl surface may show a slight, concentrated imperfections Inclusion depth is limited to 10% of the surface of pearls Luster is medium to very high * Pearl jewelry DA - paket wisata lombok At least 60% of the surface of the pearl will show weakness Inclusion in and / or white spots on the inclusion of up to 20% of the surface of pearls Luster is poor to very high South Sea pearls are known as warm aura pearls, satin luster of those rare shows the same reflective quality. lombok tour

pearl jewelry chili

paket wisata lombok beautiful shape and emits rays of making sparkling pearls as an accessory is much preferred. But the pearls chili this one becomes dull and less vulnerable beauty. pearl jewelry chili. Because it comes from nature, the pearls are made from organic easily cracked and scratched. Therefore, it needs special care and more accurate than other types of jewelry. Here's how to take care of pearl jewelry at home in order to keep its beauty. Caring Jewellery Mutira - tour lombok Make-up, perfume and hairspray can easily corrode so it looks like a rusty pearl. This is because the pearls are very sensitive to acid. Wear earrings, necklace or bracelet pearl 30 minutes after you use perfume, makeup or other cosmetic products containing chemicals in the body. Pearl Jewelry Cleaning - paket wisata lombok Cleaning pearls can not be arbitrary, should use warm water and gentle soap formula; more secure to use a special soap for washing hands. Never use cleaners containing alcohol. You also can use special cleaning pearls are usually sold at a jewelry store. After cleaning, place it on a towel and press out lightly to dry them. Do not forget to always clean the pearls with a soft cloth after each wearing. Pearl Jewelry store - paket tour lombok Protect pearls from the heat of the sun or the temperature is too cold. Extreme temperatures will make the pearl damaged. Store in a silk bag. Smooth silk material is very friendly with pearls because both organic. Or you can save it in a velvet-lined jewelry box, and always remember that plastic is not recommended to store pearls Keeping Sheen Pearl Jewelry - paket wisata lombok pearl jewelry lautRuangan moist well to help maintain a beautiful pearl luster. So, do not be too long this jewelry store. Frequently nice to wear due to moisture pearls. If you keep it in a safety-box or safe deposit box is airtight, you should put a glass of water or a wet sponge in it to keep it moist. Once you understand how to care for pearl jewelry, now is the time you visit and shop in Miss Joaquim Pear lombok tour