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How to distinguish between genuine and fake pearls

paket wisata lombok Many people may not know how to differentiate genuine pearls and fake pearls. The original pearls and fake pearls at first glance is very similar and there is almost no difference at all. However, if observed carefully, it will arise the differences that exist between the original pearls and fake pearls. Here are some ways to distinguish genuine pearls and fake pearls so that you can also find out about how to distinguish genuine pearls and fake pearls. To find out more details about the differences that exist between the original pearls and fake pearls, you can read some differences challenged sea water pearls, freshwater pearls and imitation pearls (fake) that are listed in the column below. tour lombok Manufacture: Pearl was cultivated at sea Shape: The shape of oblong, round, half rim and irregular Color: White, gold, yellow, black, Hitan grayish, black reddish, yellowish white and silver Weight: Large and heavy equal or appropriate Price: The price is determined by weight, color, and luster kaulitas color. Usually the price depends gram with variations in prices ranging from Rp. 80,000 and above. When burned: Hold Fuel If bitten: Feels sand but could not scratched Type Freshwater Pearl Jewelry - paket wisata lombok Manufacture: Pearl was cultivated in freshwater Shape: The shape Steamed Bun or half the circumference and oval Color: Colors: black, blue, pink, white, orange, green, red and yellow. Weight: Large and almost the same weight Price: The price is cheaper than sea water pearls. When burned: Burned but not melted When bitten Feels sand but not easily scratched Imitation Pearls Type - paket tour lombok Manufacture: Pearl was made in a factory Shape: The shape is identical to the round Color: Color same with freshwater pearls Weight: Large and heavy is not appropriate Price: The price is very cheap When burned: When burned to melt If bitten: Feels smooth and easy peeling Original source Mutiara high quality: pearl jewelry lautBeberapa above differences we write so that you can also understand more about pearls and so you are also more confident about the products of Miss Joaquim Pearls. May be useful for you. iya, is quoted from Metrotvnews.com, regarding the pearl chili, the following information: Be careful if you buy pearls. Lately, a lot of outstanding pearl imitation of China in the area of ​​Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).mutiara lombok harga mutiara "Usually, traders may not be admitted that sells fake pearls. They say the original. But in fact false. The price is a bargain, "said Hanafi, 40, a consumer, in Mataram, Tuesday (12/2). Daseh, 35, a pearl merchants in the area Mataram admitted obtaining imitation pearls of China from a wholesaler who he called the boss in the region. He chose the pearl of China because it is cheaper. The comparison, if the only genuine pearls she gets three seed, China's pearl he gets five seeds with the same capital. "I bought china then exchanged decorations just like the shape of flowers and forth with the original," said Daseh, Tuesday (12/2). Imron, 40, another trader, also admitted selling fake pearls from China. Imitation pearls are admitted starting to get into the area of ​​NTB since about five years. The price is much different from the original. For a faux pearl ring, he sold for 10,000. As for the pearls that he called the original, he sold for between Rp20,000-Rp40,000, depending on the type of pearl, freshwater or seawater. If the pearl of the sea, he sold more expensive. As for the freshwater pearls are cheaper. "Often buyers can not distinguish between genuine and imitation pearls. If the original was burned was not broken, but if the direct imitation damaged. Can also be distinguished by biting. If the original is not going to affect anything. However, if false, bite marks will be influential, "he said. harga mutiara Imron own pearl processing obtained from sea water and fresh water, and then he sold in shops and the overhang of existing hotels in NTB. Proceeds quite large. In fact he had attended the exhibition in Temanggung, Central Java, some time ago. Of the exhibition, he got results about Rp32 million. It guarantees original pearl although sold at a low price in a doorway. According to him, the pearl that he sold the same quality as the one in the big stores. He argued in big stores that are taxable, so the price is higher. In contrast to her that selling on the streets that are not taxable, so it can sell more cheaply. "But usually from the travel agency and travel prefer to take guests to visit a pearl shop big as it gets a bigger commission than bringing guests bought at merchants like us," he said. paket wisata lombok Sales Centre staff in the area of ​​Pearl Lipco Mataram, Heni Yustiarsi, say, the invasion of imitation pearls do not affect anything on the sale of original pearl because it was keeping quality. In addition to the different demand. It also always tell the consumer the difference between fake and genuine pearls by showing examples. pearl jewelry chili like these marine pearl jewelry original chili - Miss Joaquim Pearls lombok tour "I understand that there are many imitation pearl trade. If genuine pearls are not possible until very smooth because it is natural, so that the shape and smooth surface can not, heavier and if fell not disabled. While the fake pearls can be smooth, smooth, rounded and perfect but lighter, "he said. mutiara lombok According to Heni, it made the pearl jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. He requires 10-20 kg of sea water pearls and freshwater muiara 10-15 kg once purchased to stock a year. Genuine pearl jewelry sold at high prices and varied. The highest price that sea water pearl necklace which reached Rp100 million. While the usual cost between around Rp 8 million to Rp 9 million. harga mutiara

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